Set Aromadifuser

Meet here the new aroma diffuser Aroma Diffuser . It is designed especially for a subtle and smooth operation on small surfaces to be flavored. This model has a cold flavoring system that uses essential oils and exclusive thanks to special filters added to the air generated by a fan , the scent evaporates in the atmosphere nice, cozy and very lasting . It is highly recommended for businesses where the customer stays for a long time , so the goal is to create a pleasant environment in the long term. Meet here this aroma diffuser , the variety of advantages, features and different uses and applications Olfactory Marketing.


1.- Set with four customized aromas of your brand.
2.- Equipment designed for the diffusion of aromas in an homogeneous and delicate way in small areas.
3.- It is a system of cold aromatization that uses essential oils. Through filters and thanks to air from a fan, the scent is evaporated in the atmosphere making it friendly and welcoming.

4.- It is especially recommended for facilities where customer permanence is prolonged and whose aim is to create an ambiance.
5.- Coverage: 60 mts in offices / 40 mts. in stores.
6.- Diffusion of aromas for 24 hours, 30 days of the month.