I want to be a distributor

¿Interested distribute products such as aroma diffusers , air fresheners and also increase your income?

Today, olfactory Marketing aims to open a new sector of activity nothing exploded , giving potential applicants a business opportunity with low risk and a SOARING PERFORMANCE .

We are looking for distributors , national and international, as partners, contribute to the penetration of our brands. ! Do not miss the opportunity to belong to an international company !

We look Distributors and Franchisees

Leader in Marketing Olfactory with more than 10,000 customers who support us. We are the most recognized brand in the market with over 1,000 press releases in three years , 15,000 links and search engine position n ° 1 in GOOGLE.

The advantages as Master Franchising are:


Continuous training

Know How


Preferential prices

Member of network " Scent Marketing "

We provide no-cost development of all necessary digital material for marketing our products

Social Networks

As fragrance development

Swatch Full fragrances

Our Equipment

Nebulizer Stream

Nebulizer Stream

Marketing Olfativo presents the Nebulizer Stream, the first scents diffuser in Streaming w...

Aroma Spray

Aroma Spray

Deodorizing freshener , for the elimination of odors through their agents and scents, leav...

Aroma Nebulizer Mini HVAC

Aroma Nebulizer Mini HVAC

Aroma HVAC Mini Nebulizer is a micro nebulizer flavor aromas that allows large spaces , es...

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