These handmade organza bags, containing 25 g of plastic beads scented with perfume, aromatize small spaces such as your car, closet, desk, drawer or handbag.


1.- The purchase of this product is usually impulsive and sales depend on the exposure, location, colors and of course the aroma.
2.- The rotation of this product is usually high if it is offered at the paying counter and even more when the location is aromatized with the same scent.
3.- It is also an element of marketing since the client will always associate the smell with the store where he/she purchased it.
4.- Through the marketing of the AromaBeads the stores can self-finance the aromatization of their establishments and may even produce an additional income.

5.- The bags are presented in packs of 15 which complete each of the compartments of the Marketing Olfativo display unit. Four different scents can be placed at the same time.
6.- The estimated duration of smell is approx. 30 days but it depends on environmental conditions, since high temperatures increase evaporation.
7.- Customized scents could be developed with a minimum of 4,000 bags.