With a design full of emotion that transmits a strong human quality and affectivity, George diffuses the fragrance in the environment thanks to a fan that generates forced air evaporating the fragrance impregnated in capsules Mr & Mrs; Developed for offices and houses.


1. Designed by Luca Trazzi a highly successful designer who knows how to express the values ​​of the DESIGNED IN ITALY
2. Works with Mr & Mrs loads that are made with natural bases without alcohol.
3. Mr & Mrs Loads can be changed and reused a convenient and secure way .
4. The amount of fragrance is controlled via a concentrated air flow regulated by a fan.

5. George lives with the excitement of traveling through the fragrance of Mr & Mrs.
6. We have the most complete range of aromatic capsules to choose from.
7. Available in : White, black , gold and chrome.