Aroma Spray – Aroma Diffuser

A great alternative to aerosol systems for air treatment : Automatic spray perfume spray and unused variable aerosol.Intervalo : between 5 and 25 min . (Recommendation 7 min to load lasts 1 month).


Ideal to adapt the levels of fragrance to the needs of each space .
Effective in spaces up to 20 m2 .
ideal for use in humid places becoming the only effective alternative.
Easy maintenance .
easy and intuitive operation.

Better for the environment a "no spray " .
The wide range of unique and lasting fragrances will be enthusiastically received by customers .
Composition of spices : water, alcohol and perfume. Placement of the team: "important" place a 2 m high for non-staining .
Dimensions: H 221 mm x W 122 mm x D 88 mm · Batteries : 2 batteries size D.