Aroma Nebulizer mini

Aroma Diffuser

Nebulizer Stream

Marketing Olfativo presents the Nebulizer Stream, the first scents diffuser in Streaming with GPRS technology.
Our equipment allows to manage all scents diffusers of its clients, from changing settings to modifying the intensity, over the Internet.
The 900ml fragrance cartridge allows an autonomy of at least 3 months without the need for any additional maintenance.
The great advantage of the Nebulizer Stream is that thanks to a high precision system informs us on the fragrance cartridge flow and issues alerts when it is nearing completion so we can replace it.
It only requires telemarketing staff for trade promotion and remote assistance since our management software takes care of everything.
We have developed more than 1000 scents and our perfumers in Spain can collaborate in the creation of fragrance brands for its clients.
If you’re a leader in Retail Marketing in your area, check the requirements to become our authorized dealer and get great benefits.

Aroma Spray – Aroma Diffuser

A great alternative to aerosol systems for air treatment : Automatic spray perfume spray and unused variable aerosol.Intervalo : between 5 and 25 min . (Recommendation 7 min to load lasts 1 month).

Aroma Nebulizer Mini HVAC

Aroma HVAC Mini Nebulizer is a micro nebulizer flavor aromas that allows large spaces , especially through the air conditioning ducts .

Aroma Diffuser – Nebulizer Mini

The aroma diffuser Aroma Nebulizer Mini is a micro nebulizer spray system olfactory particles emitted by an air pump perfume transformed from liquid to gaseous state perfuming large spaces . It has a wraparound design that allows you to customize the color as required in the environment. It is lightweight and portable for easy installation, includes accessories to accommodate on the floor , the wall or through the air conditioning. Meet here the advantages , characteristics and different uses and applications of this innovative Marketing Olfactory diffuser aromas.

Set Aromadifuser

Meet here the new aroma diffuser Aroma Diffuser . It is designed especially for a subtle and smooth operation on small surfaces to be flavored. This model has a cold flavoring system that uses essential oils and exclusive thanks to special filters added to the air generated by a fan , the scent evaporates in the atmosphere nice, cozy and very lasting . It is highly recommended for businesses where the customer stays for a long time , so the goal is to create a pleasant environment in the long term. Meet here this aroma diffuser , the variety of advantages, features and different uses and applications Olfactory Marketing.