Aroma Humidifier

Aroma Humidifier is a humidifier ultrasound equipment that emits a cold aromatic steam . Flavored allows small areas of decorative and quietly.

Aroma Vela

In addition aesthetic appeal of the aromatic value of a candle is a plus that can help to enhance all types of environments . For example , we can use a candle scented eucalyptus trees to accompany the relaxation of a massage at a spa. Candles are the best touch of many different scenarios. For many people light a candle leads them to a sense of calm and complemented aroma transports you to a state of relaxation and wellbeing.

Aroma Tag

Aroma Tag is the perfect time to remember brand touch any company , the logo printed and select scent will make this an essential detail and elegant touch . In an accompanying boutique bag ; in a hotel hung in the closet or in a drawer ; hung a bag or suitcase , accompanying shoe boxes, hanging in the car etc. It has many possible variants.

Aroma Spray

Deodorizing freshener , for the elimination of odors through their agents and scents, leaving a pleasant aroma in the air, making it ideal for homes and public establishments where desired perfuming.


New technology in diffusers for sophisticated environments using perfume capsules Mr & Mrs specially designed for homes, offices and hotel rooms.


These handmade organza bags, containing 25 g of plastic beads scented with perfume, aromatize small spaces such as your car, closet, desk, drawer or handbag.


With a design full of emotion that transmits a strong human quality and affectivity, George diffuses the fragrance in the environment thanks to a fan that generates forced air evaporating the fragrance impregnated in capsules Mr & Mrs; Developed for offices and houses.


It is one of the most marketed products regarding room fragrances for the home. Evaporation is achieved through some absorbing bamboo sticks which are introduced into the bottle of perfume.